Thanksgiving Menu

I love when all my home magazines show up in October with Thanksgiving recipes and table settings. I totally live for the holidays, and I LOVE to cook and entertain (especially now that we updated our kitchen!). This year, I have the privilege of hosting the holiday for my side of the family. We are cooking a turkey all by ourselves and I am totally freaking out. Well, technically we are smoking a turkey and technically it’s only a turkey breast and not the whole bird – but still… Also, my parents are bringing a backup. They have a rotisserie grill and are going to do a bird and bring it over so we can have 2 options and (hopefully) TONS of leftovers!

I got a lot of my menu ideas from this season’s Southern Living. I love how fancy the recipes look, but they’re really pretty easy to do. Also, I am stoked that my Green bean casserole is all fresh – no can. (Except I am using those crunchy onions from the container. Those things are life).

I’m hungry already! Happy Thanksgiving week!