Our $300 Kitchen Renovation

We bought our house almost 10 years ago. We got an extremely good deal on it, knowing that there was A LOT of things we wanted to change and update. We have been navigating through some DIY’s slowly but surely. We’ve added hard wood on the entire first floor by ourselves, and also added a large screened in porch. Something we didn’t think we could do on our own was refinish our outdated, builder grade cabinets. A while back, we got a bunch of quotes for refinishing them, re-facing them, etc. Let me tell you, it’s expensive!

So we finally decided to start looking into doing it ourselves again, because there’s only so much golden oak I can take. They’ve come out with a lot of new products that really make it SO much easier. I was always concerned about ┬áhaving to sand everything and how tedious and messy it would be. We came across a de-glossing primer made by Valspar that would make a nice bonding surface for the cabinet paint – which we also went with Valspar. We knew we wanted to fancy up the plain cabinets, so the hubbs got some crown molding and some small trim for the bottom of the hanging cabinets.

We also added some wood to the peninsula to give it a little more detail.

Here’s some photos of the primer, it covers so well. We had it tinted for the paint.

Here’s the after! Under $300 for the wood, paint, primer, rollers, brushes, those little triangle things you use to set the doors on when you flip them, butcher paper, and painters tape. I really wish we would have done this YEARS ago!

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