Typewriter desk to bar cart

Bar carts and bar cart styling are taking over my Pinterest boards lately. I love the retro feel of having a bar cart that I can move from room to room (I love moving furniture to my families dismay). We came across this old family typewriter desk from the way way back and I immediately saw the potential within.



It was a little rusty and in need of some love. (full of freaking spiders may I add…not my cup of tea). I cleaned it all up and roughed it up a little with some sandpaper, but I found that the sandpaper was just taking off a little of the top layer of the black paint job it had previously. I got a can of white gloss spray paint for $5 from Walmart and turned her into this:


I had a tray from Pier One from about a decade ago that happened to fit perfectly in the bottom as a little shelf. I was planning on just getting some wood, cutting to size and staining it. This was easier! I really love how it turned out!